═sland February 23rd - 27th 2009

Back to Iceland - we had not been there for a month and Sylvi was running out of har­fisk so we had to go back - this time we rented a car and enjoyed the fantastic scenery of the island - some people might believe that Iceland is cold - it's not compared to Norway - well.. the wind is a bit chilly but according to the chart below, it's actually a lot warmer on Iceland than Norway during the winter months.


Meteorological data
Mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures in ░C

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 2,8 2,9 3,4 5,9 9,2 11,4 13,0 12,8 10,2 6,0 3,6 2,4
Min -1,7 -1,9 -1,6 0,7 3,8 6,6 8,0 7,8 5,8 2,4 -1,0 -2,6


The red line shows our drive-about on Iceland

A few photos from our short stay

















Video clip - Geysir blow-out!















═sland - we'll be back! (when Sylvi runs out of har­fisk)